Portfolio & Specialization

Since 2010 we've been the official service providers for ABB LLC and Phoenix Contact GmbH offices in Ukraine, and also for a number of domestic companies, specifically importers of CITEL, INVT, Emko, Kinko, Kobold, Riello-AROS, Green Power, Euro Diesel equipment, etc. A major part of our business is providing turn-key translation services for other translation bureaus and agencies, mostly in Russia, so we are indirectly servicing General Electric, Siemens, Omron, Emerson, GazProm, RosAtom, RosHydro and many other Russian offices and companies. We have also accumulated vast experience in helping other translation agencies with huge power plant and construction projects, CCGT power plants in particular, built by Siemens and General Electric companies in Russia; NPP (RosAtom, i.e. Russian Federation national nuclear corporation); dams and HPP (RosHydro, i.e. the largest hydropower operator in Russia), successfully dealing with up to a few thousand pages per month.

These cover a lot of different subjects and types of documents. They aren’t only intrinsic design documentation, but anything connected to the tender, design, development, construction, commissioning, and turn-over process. That includes correspondence, technical conditions, terms of reference, specifications, site visit reports, punch-lists, incident investigation reports, bids, guidelines, instructions, manuals for design, construction, and commissioning of main and different accompanying equipment, even translation of standards involved in national certification. Besides energy and electrical expertise, such projects require a broad range of specializations from HSE and civil engineering to chemistry, material sciences, and NDT.

We are highly experienced at the following:

- Construction of large-scale power generation facilities, CCGT power plants in particular; gas and steam turbines, air intake and exhaust facilities, gas preconditioning, steam systems, cooling, HRSG, water treatment, turbine generators and plant electrical systems

- Industrial MV and HV electric engineering, i.e. cabinets, cubicles, switchgears, breakers, disconnects, transmission lines, transformers, insulators, CBFP, arresters, relay protection terminals, diagnostic equipment

- Isolated power generation, UPS, diesel generators, cogeneration, batteries and battery charging, load transfer systems, stabilizers

- Wind and solar energy generation, dams and hydropower plants, sustainable power engineering, smart-grids

- Relay protection and automation

- Variable-frequency drives (VFD)

- Diverse industrial low voltage engineering, i.e. cables and connectors, motor control, I/O systems, installation and mounting material, terminal blocks, power supply units and UPS, relay modules, surge protection devices, device housing, special tools, marking and labeling

- PLCs, HMIs, Industrial PCs, and their software

- HVAC, piping, civil engineering, material science and AFCS; both as parts of power plants, and residential or industrial air conditioning systems

- Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including pipelines, pumps/compressors, valves and C&I, tooling and procedures, both as parts of power plants and other industries

- Alarm, ESD, fire protection, fire extinguishing systems

Another wide field of expertise of our specialists is chemistry, ecology, nuclear wastes and material science, including chemical production, oil refineries, paintworks, welding, chemical treatment, filtering methods, NDT (X-ray radiography and XRF, MPI, dye penetrant inspections, SEM, Auger analysis, mass-spectrographic analysis), smelting and molding, structural analysis, physical chemical analysis, segregation and cracking fault evaluation, etc.

We also successfully provide translations in geoinformation systems, railways, GMOs, PCR-based diagnostics, medical devices, stock equipment, sanitary means, traffic modeling, however, we only accept orders for fields in which we are highly qualified.