Top-notch team of experienced engineers

Obviously one must understand what he is translating but incredibly that's often not the case the actual translators are divorced from the technical experts, and make dangerous guesstimates of the proper meaning.

We arent a conventional language services provider, but a team of experienced engineers: electricians, chemists, circuit designers, motormen, test and material engineers, etc. with fluent English and native Russian and Ukrainian to ensure your tech manuals and instructions are clear, concise, complete, tech-competent and CORRECT.

For the last 9 years in Kyiv, we have been managing turnkey projects mostly in the Power Engineering Sector, doing ~250,000 new words per month, combining expert translation, careful proofreading, and DTP/CAD/prepress. We provide translation services for all the industry leaders, including ABB, Phoenix Contact, GEA, Emerson, Omron, AREVA; and also handle power engineering, HVAC, piping, civil engineering, material science, etc. in General Electric, Siemens, GazProm, RosAtom and RosHydro power plant projects. In EN to RU/UA translation of engineering documentation, we are unmatched.

There is no substitute for accuracy. Don't risk disastrous liability with an inaccurate translation.